Infertility and IVF

In 2005, the success rate for IVF resulting in a baby for women less than 35 years of age, regardless of diagnosis, was 60.3% at the Infertility and IVF Center of St. Louis. The Infertility and IVF Center, under the direction of Dr. Ronald Wilbois, has been treating infertility for 17 years.

In that same year, women undergoing frozen embryo transfer at the Infertility and IVF Center had a 55% success rate for achieving pregnancy.

Dr. Everett Beguin at Southwestern Women’s Health has joined forces with Dr. Ronald Wilbois at the Infertility and IVF Center. Together, they are making it easier for infertile couples in the Springfield area to become pregnant.

We offer local, convenient services to clients seeking diagnosis and treatment of infertility. All monitoring, testing, and IUI procedures can be done here in Springfield. We would love to assist you in achieving your dreams of parenthood!
A Complete Andrology Lab at the Infertility and IVF Center is under the direction of Juan Correa-Perez, PhD, HCLD.